A memorable moment together


Before we talk donation, it is important that you understand that I value myself as a high companion person ! That being said, if you need a elegant lady for a event, a date for a business dinner, or you are in town and want to have a perfect secret date night, I am the lady you are seeking for. Can also be a cozy night because you just don't want to sleep alone and desire someone to cuddle for a night. 

So our moment together must include those following elements :

  • Minimum of 1 hour booking (nothing under)

  • The donation has to be in an envelop in the bathroom at my arrival to evite the awkward moment where I have to ask.

  • No jumping on me at my arrival (I feel it is disrespectful )

  • Have to contain conversations

  • No rush is allowed during our time together

  • No photo or video are allowed during our time unless I let you know

  • If overnight, at least a 6 hours of sleep must be respected 

  • If I have to buy something special for the event you must provide me the money first

  • And RESPECT at all times

Time for a break

Time : 1 hour

Price : $ 1000

Include : Moment of discussion, one glass of wine, maybe, to relax the atmosphere. Trying to know each other or keep updating from our last time together. Kisses and cuddles are welcome and lets the vibe do the rest.

         *** Perfect for a first time ***


Cocktail, why not ?

Time : 2 hour

Price : $ 1800

Include : What is your favorite cocktail ? I love Litchi Martini, but at the beach a Margarita is always a classic. That's make me think, maybe you can discover me some new flavor and we can share our cocktails.  Once tipsy, anything can happen right ?


Dinner date, with pleasure

Time : 3 hour

Price : $ 3000

Include : This is a good occasion to dress with my favorite dress or why not a classy woman suit and wear those perfect heels that put my legs in advantage. Hope you are ready to make other men jealous. I let you in charge to impress me with a good restaurant, I took care of the rest of the date.

Lets take our time !

Time : 4 hour

Price : $ 4000

Include : Definitely no rush ! Have time to take a glass of wine at home, go for a romantic dinner and come back for some cuddling. 

In this case also, you need a date for a business dinner, wedding date, or any occasion date, I am here to look more than professional at your side. 

                 *** My favorite one ***

Enough time for a activity

Time : 6 hour

Price : $ 5200

Include : Did you planned a activity for our special time together if not here some idea like wine testing, a ballet, jazz concert, or just visiting the city together holding hand. I have hope on you that you gonna find something memorable. 


Exclusive day

Time : 24 hour

Price : $ 10 000

Include : A whole day together  ! Lets make this day so magical ! Perfect for a day at the beach, plus romantic dinner, or a shopping day or even going to Disney World !!! Why not being a bit crazy as we have a entire day to spend and appreciate each other in the best way we can. It's the perfect time to be 100% yourself and showing me why you are so special. 

Fly me to you

Time : Ask for my schedule first

Price : $ Enquire for a price

Include : Traveling is one of my passion, so believe me when I say I would be happy to flight to you ! Wherever you are or if you need a companion travel, you will be happy that you brought me !

***Special rules allowed for this booking***

Overnight spoon cuddle

Time : 14 hour

Price : $ 8000

Include : Being single, I don't have the chance to cuddle in spoon a man that often. Can you be my big spoon ? But before that, we have so much time in our hand that not lets talk about sleeping night yet. 

   *** You won't regret taking this one ***

Surprise me

Time :  More than 24 hour

Price : $ Enquire for a price

Include : This is the perfects moment to surprise me for a longer date or if we already know each other, to show me how much you care about our relation ! I am really open minded about new activity, so like I said... Surprise me !

***Special rules allowed for this booking***

Special requests

Time : Extra time

Price : $ 500/hour

Special demands : Tell me what you want

Prices : Start at $ 300

Include : You have fantasies you want to explore, I can bring in to real. Fetishisms, more time, duo, etc. All of this request a special attention that I would love to give you.

***Special rules allowed for this booking***

Special : I bring a friend (DUO)

I want you to know that sometime I travel with one of my best pretty lady who is as much classy, professional and funny as me ! When she is with me, I like to offer duo so that boost the conversation and can put a little bit of spicy on our time together ! You will see we have a chemistry like nobody else and often, gentleman are glad we came together ! 

If she is with me and you agree to meet her, please take note that the same donation you provide for me is also apply to her ! 

Elsa Valentina : http://Elsavalentine.ca