Let me introduce myself so when we will meet, you already going to have a idea who to expect ! No surprise, no red flag, no stress !

My name is Layla Hills. I am an athletic, sexy, educate 25 years old young woman. My ebony skin color is from Haiti origin but I grown up in this cold country called Canada. I do know French and English and currently learning Spanish. I love to learn and I believe knowing more than one language opens more doors. 

Speaking of learning, more you can stimulate my brain with new knowledge better our date going to be. Listening to people is a natural quality for me and I do enjoy that. 


On a personal level, I graduated twice. First as a Special Educator, second time in Fashion Marketing. I do want to go back to school either to do Psychologic or in Administration.


My personal interests are fashion and modeling (even if today everybody proclaim themselves a model, hihi). I do love fine dinner, relaxing night with wine and a good movie, educational activities such as opera, museum, wine testing, art activities and again fashion. Also, I have to put travel as an other bid interest. I visited couples of country and a lot of states in Canada and USA. 

I am what we can call a pretty woman. Always looking good, taking extremely care of myself, head to toes. I am well educated and can hold a conversation for hours even if my English sometimes can be funny. My values are respect and honesty, so don't be stress about our time together, it will be worth it. 

Being single the last 4 years and a half made me grow and realize a lot of things. Today, I am extremely proud of the life I lead as a independent, strong woman. That being said, whatever I do, I always make sure this will make me happy. This is why I am really careful and specific with who I decide to spend my time. I believe that a strong connection lead naturally to a better relation either short or long term. And this is exactly what I am seeking for. 

If you feel you seeking the same, please feel free to contact me for a memorable, spicy and intimate date where only you and me can create unique souvenir. 


See you soon,

Layla Hills


Please, this is important : Before to contact me, make sure you look properly my website as I receive amount of messages. To facilitate the booking, I do not answer message that ask question where the answers are already on the website. I do not answer messages that don't respect the Rules section, so make sure you see this section by clicking here. And more importantly, if you refuse to fill the Reservation fill, and just send me a message about booking, I will not answer either. 

             New-York City

  • November 15 to 17 

  • January (Dates to come)


  • November 17 to 22 

             Washington Dc

  • November 23 to 25 

  • January (Dates to come)