Because I do care we had a wonderful time together, I require some rules just to ensure we are all on the same basis

A deposit of 30% is requires for more than 2 hours. If you refuse to do so, unfortunately you can't book with me.

The donation has to be in an envelop in the bathroom at my arrival to evite the awkward moment where I have to ask.

For overnight and more, I require a minimum of 6 hours sleep.

My donations are non-negotiable in any case. I do not ask for more once we meet but if you feel to be generous, don't be shy.

Understand that the donation are for my companionship and I mean it. Nothing else will be discussed until we meet.

If you have special requests, make sur you have extra donation for this. 

In any case I will respond to your email if you refuse to complete the formulary form.

For more than 4 hours, you have to schedule in advance due to the fact I have a private life, real personal job and I am a busy person ! Pretty sure you can understand that.

For a Fly me to you, this need to be scheduled at least a week in advance.

A ID will be ask at my arrival for security purpose. 

The following inquiries will not get response:

  • Hey, how are you?

  • You available?

  • Tell me more about you?

  • Or questions that were already answered on my website (donation information, color my hair and etc.)

Most importantly, respect, fun and natural vibe are require for a amazing time together !